As the 670 Collective Mountain Bike Club we care and maintain for the trails in Southeast Alberta. Currently our resources, capacity and land manager relationships mean that we mainly focus our efforts in Redcliff, and Elkwater Provincial Park. We are in the process in developing a community plan with the city of Medicine Hat and will have input in what they are building, but we are not involved with the maintenance, or building of these trails/skills parks.


As of Spring 2015, the Collective signed a land-use agreement with the Town of Redcliff to legally build, maintain, and ride in the outskirts of the town of Redcliff.


Need help finding trails?


Head over to our friends at The trailforks app is a great resource for finding biking trails in our area, and current trail reports. It is also a great tool for sharing with others where you love to ride.

Medicine Hat & Area



Last Grizzly | Elkwater


Members of the 670 Trail Crew began planning this trail almost three years ago. Since then, we have invested over 400 hours creating the first directional, dowhill mountain bike specific trail in the Cypress Hills. Last Grizzly is a black diamond, flow style trail with lots of fun features, all of which have ride-arounds, so don't let the rating keep you from giving it a shot!


Mr. Burnside | Medicine & Redcliff


The 670 has been working with the City of Medicine Hat for almost 2 years and the first project got completed last fall. "Mr. Burnside" is the perfect beginner flow style trail that ties into the Redcliff trail system.


Dialpack 500 | Redcliff


Dialpack 500 is a blue square machine built flow trail full of berms, rollers and the occasional table top jump. Perfect for riders of all skill levels. Definitely not one to miss.


A Bicycle Skills Park is a place where riders of all ages can come and learn new skills or fine tune existing ones in a safe, managed, and fun environment. These parks are becoming very popular in other areas and soon, south-eastern Alberta will have its very own.


In February of 2014, the 670 Collective proposed the construction of a Bicycle Skills Park to the Town of Redcliff. This proposal was enthusiastically accepted and construction has begun. After several seasons of hard work by many volunteers, and numerous donations and grants, Redcliff's own Bicycle Skills Park is finally taking shape. We have a functioning jump area with five levels of progression, and a  pump track, ladder brides and skinny area, and a cross-country skills loop.


For 2017, we plan on completing the Cross-Country Skills loop. This area will require many more volunteer hours and skilled labor but once complete, we will have a truly unique bike park right here in Southern Alberta.  After the Skills Track our plan is to work on landscaping the park and working to transform it into something we can all be proud of. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more opportunities to help out.