In order to continue to abide by AHS Public Health orders, the 670 Collective will be hosting a virtual AGM coming live to you from Travois Ale Works on Sunday, October 25, 2020 beginning at 5:00pm. Stay tuned to our website for more upcoming details.




f you are a current 670 member and are interested in any of the positions below, please let us know! We currently have nominee’s in all but one category. Just because you see a nominee already, does not mean you cannot step up! If there are 2 or more nominees for each role, members will vote! Please send

your nominations or inquires to


President (Executive) – Current Nomination is Ben Roscoe

  • Supervises the affairs of the Board and/or committees
  • Calls, organizes and chairs Executive Meetings (i.e. 1x/month)
  • Calls 1-month in advance the Annual General Meeting and chairs same.
  • Prepares/Organizes General Insurance documents and liabilities
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board
  • May act as a spokesperson for the Club or assigns board member (i.e. Vice) in absence.


Vice President (Executive) – Current Nomination is Stewart Boxell

  • Serving directly under the president and shares duties
  • Chairs executive meetings in absence of the President – may assist with planning/organizing meetings
  • May assist with organization/preparation of club’s annual insurance documents
  • May act as spokesperson for the club, answer general inquiries from the public/members or as directed by the president.


Past President (Executive) – Allison Carroll

  • Carries out duties assigned by the Board


Secretary (Executive) – Current Nomination is Astrid Caceres

  • Attends all Board meetings and keeps accurate minutes
  • Assists the President/Vice President with the preparation of insurance and liability documents, if required
  • Completes quarterly newsletters with the expectation that Board members will supply relevant content and distributes same.
  • Looks after memberships using Zone 4 software and may use social media to remind members of dues, expiry dates
  • Responsible for 670 Collective Mountain Bike Club Private Group members only
  • Responsible for the email account
  • May help review/edit grant proposals and/or trail agreements, if required.


Treasurer (Executive) – Current Nomination is Chelsea Marshall

  • Responsible for issuing payments (i.e. reimbursements) and paying invoices related to club insurances, liabilities and dues.
  • Files the annual return, changes in the directors of the organization, amendments in the bylaws and other incorporating documents with the Corporate Registry
  • Keeps copies of the main financial records and provides a treasurer’s report at monthly board meetings or as per request
  • Provides an annual report at the AGM of the club’s main expenses, revenue, etc.


Director – Trail Committee – Current Nomination is Kurtis Peters

  • Developing and reviewing project plans and submitting the to the Board for approval
  • Preparing project budgets for board approval
  • Carrying out projects in accordance with plans
  • Oversees trail sub-committee and reports to the Executive
  • Must attend monthly Executive meetings


Director – Social Media & Engagement – Current Nomination is Andy Kirschenman

  • Responsible for the club’s social media pages and supplying relevant content on its respective platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram)
  • Uses and/or assigns the club’s Go-Pro to encourage media content contribution from members in order to promote the sport/area
  • Promotes mountain biking, 670 brand and our region using media outlets
  • Ensures content shared on both public & private platforms are sanctioned ride areas only
  • May respond to inquiries, questions, concerns over social media platforms
  • Responsible for the general inquiries club email account:
  • Must attend minimum of 3 Executive meetings per year.


Director – Fundraising & Grants – Current Nomination is Justin Kuryluk

  • Responsible for seeking out federal, provincial and/or municipal grants and/or funding sources/opportunities at least 1-3x/year
  • Prepares grant, fundraising documents and submits to the board for edits and/or contribution for same.
  • Oversees club merchandising and brings ordering/purchasing requests to the board for approvals.
  • Must attend minimum of 3 Executive meetings per year


Director – Race Committee – Vacant

  • Responsible for organizing annual BCS race and reporting to the Executive proposed budgets at least 1-month prior to event.
  • Responsible for obtaining necessary insurances for race events
  • Must attend minimum of 3 Executive meetings per year